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  • Kinds Of and Great Things About Alternative Energy

    renewable energy in SpringfieldMost of the energy we produce and use comes from non-sustainable resources. Our energy usage has taken its toll on the world. We can see the environmental and economic damage all around us, and yet we continue to use too little of the renewable energy types of resources we should be using, while using too much of those that cannot be renewed. Research into renewable energy has revealed several different types of which we can take advantage. These types are from the sun, wind, organics, earth, and water.

    The sun is directly and indirectly responsible for four of our renewable energy options, but the most obvious is solar energy. Solar energy produces electricity from the sun and is used in business, industry, and the home. It can power our lights, heat our water, cool our homes, and produce the electricity we need to run our appliances and gadgets. While just about any area of the world can benefit from solar energy, it is most useful in those parts of the world with high sun exposure for the majority of the year.

    The sun warms the air and stirs up wind, which is another type of renewable energy. Wind farmers use turbines, or windmills, to grab energy from the wind. Wind power runs farms, households, and is useful to local and global industries. When wind and sun cause evaporation, rain and snow are the results. The water fills and moves along our flowing waters where it can be used as hydroelectric energy.

    Another type of renewable energy is biomass. Energy from biomass comes from organic matter, which grows and develops from sun and water. The bioenergy we receive from biomass makes fuels, chemicals, and electricity we can use to survive and assist all life on earth. Bioenergy, or life energy, is a resource that continues to renew year after year.

    All renewable energies do not come from solar resources. The energy we can get from heat inside the earth is called geothermal energy. Geothermal energy can provide the energy we need for electricity, as well as heating and cooling.

    Our oceans are an expansive source of renewable energy. Its energy comes from the gravitational pull of the moon that creates tides, tides and winds that create waves, and heat from the sun warms the shallows. All of these can be harvested for energy.

    People have consumed and continue to consume precious, non-renewable energy resources. Our energy consumption is not only stripping the earth of its natural resources, it puts toxic particles into our air and water, which hurts all life on earth. We can stop hurting our environment by switching over to renewable types of energy.

    Replacing energy that cannot replenish with renewable energy sources will have beneficial effects on the economy. Those who work for an industry that is guaranteed to deal with shortages and eventually exhaust its resources probably find it difficult to relax and feel comfortable about their financial future. However, when people work in the renewable energy industry, they can be certain that renewable energy will always need to be collected and maintained. Instead of investing in resources that are drained from countries thousands of miles away, investors will invest in an energy that will continue to renew.

    As residents of the earth, we not only have a responsibility to our planet, we have a personal stake in its survival. We can either gorge on energy that cannot renew and leaves the world in ever-worsening shape, or we can choose to get our power from all of the types of renewable energy. For the sake of future generations, we need to stop hurting our earth and start healing it.

    At everyone is serious about ecological efforts like recycling and also sustainable energy wherever possible.


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      Kinds Of and Great Things About Alternative Energy

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